1. sailorklope:

    i can’t decide which ones?

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    3. eigenlicht1997 answered: I have both - not in a braggy way, but in perspective the purple are easier to style and more popular red is a bit edgier. I love both though
    4. r-a-d-z answered: first onee :)
    5. canvum answered: Right, where do you buy these?
    6. plaenty answered: second;D
    7. carmentheowl answered: right!? I’m in the same boat, they are both so beautiful!
    8. alicewasalways-crazy answered: Right one
    9. jordanolaf answered: the ones on the right! so beautiful
    10. leashamariel answered: I own the purple one and love them :D I think they are more popula is that helps
    11. we-are-the-weird-kids said: Left!
    12. waythatwefall answered: the ones on the left(: